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Informative guest speakers and lively conversation are enjoyed at both of our monthly programs. Reservations are not required and everyone is welcome!

We're always encouraged to extend the invitation to "like minded" friends.

Regular monthly meetings:

1st Fridays of each month

1pm (order lunch by 12:30)


221 W Railroad Ave, Shelton

Speakers/Subjects vary each month. Please subscribe to our monthly  newsletter AND watch our FB page for the latest updates!

Be sure to pay for your 2024 RWMC Membership Dues by June 1st so your information can be processed and you able to vote for our next meeting on June 7th. 

Sign Up for our Emails!

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Please join us!


Our membership funds are used for various events, advertising, speaker lunches, overhead for meetings, community outreach and to help our Republican Candidates. MEMBERS are essential to our group! 

Membership Options


• Basic for Women $25

• Basic for Men $15 

• Platinum for Men or Women $100

NEW Monthly Membership!

YOU pick the monthly automatic deduction 

*Men are not voting members but can participate in team leading with Platinum memberships.

*With a purchase of the Platinum, the husband has a standard membership included. 

PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP = your name in a drawing for the Reagan Legacy Basket - including a piece of the Berlin Wall!

 Please let us know if you have any issues!


Give us your thoughts & ideas on speaker/subjects, events you'd like to see, if our days/times are not easy for you to attend our meetings, etc. THANK YOU!


Volunteers ALWAYS Welcome!

Join this amazing team!

Social Media/Website/Email 

Events Planning

Volunteer Coordinator

Phone Calling 


It's a Wonderful Life Christmas Dinner 2023

We were able to donate $1,000 to the Gethsemane Ministries thanks to all of the hard work, sponsors and donations for this event.  THANK YOU ALL!

Thank you to the following businesses for your donations for our silent auctions: 

Thank you to ALL who made cookies for our successful Cookie Auction! 

Especially to Sugar Love and their cookies donation!  Ck out their website. 

HUGE shout out to Sue, Scott and the Railroad Tap Station crew. THANK YOU for making the event so special!
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